Programs and Services

We are court and probation approved and a CAAMP recognized program provider. All of our programs are designed using Evidence-Based Curriculum.


Anger Management

Our Anger Management Programs are offered in 12, 26, and 52-week sessions.


Anger Management is a process by which a person learns how to identify stressors, take necessary steps to remain calm and handle situations in a constructive positive manner. Our anger management program is grounded on cognitive-behavior therapy principles, with an emphasis on emotional intelligence. It is designed to provide a clear and distinct set of guidelines for recovery. It gives those seeking anger management treatment a controlled environment for the release of his or her emotions and the introduction to positive and constructive responses.

Domestic Violence


Probation Approved 52-Week Program.


The primary goal of our 52-week Batterers Intervention/Domestic Violence Program is to help individuals prevent physical, sexual, psychological and emotional violence/abuse and learn to take responsibility for their behaviors, attitudes and actions. In addition, we offer to help individuals understand themselves and significant others by developing improved communication and relationship skills. Respect and equality will be focused on along with conditional positive regard for others.



Our Parenting Program is offered in 12, 26, and 52-week sessions, and are available through Dependency and Family Court Referrals Only.

Our Parenting groups use Nurturing Parenting as well as Active Parenting evidence based models. The goal of our parenting group is to enhance the parent-child relationship by providing support and information in ways parents feel heard and supported, using a family centered parenting approach. We do this by treating families with dignity and respect; providing individual, flexible and responsive support; sharing information so families can make informed decisions; ensuring family choice regarding intervention option; and providing the necessary resources and supports for parents to care for their children in ways that produce optimal parent and child outcomes.